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10 Adventure Things To Do in Bali

Bali is one of the most magical travel destinations in the world! You will not only find out what we think are the TOP 10 THINGS to do in BALI.


  • Canggu Bohemian Hideaway.
  • Bali Swings and water sports activities.
  • Ubud Monkey Forest, Rice Terrace & Tanah Lot Private Tour.
  • East Bali Snorkeling Day Trip to Amed.
  • Best of Nusa Penida Full-Day Tour by Fast Boat.
  • Ubud Spectacular Waterfalls Tour.
  • Komodo Islands Private 2-Day Tour with Phinisi Boat Stay.

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Let’s discuss the top adventure things to do in Bali.

Mount Agung and Mount Batur are the two active volcanos of Bali, and both are still pretty active.

Top Adventure things to do in Bali.

Bayan ancient tree:- Bayan ancient tree also called Caillou putti ancient tree is a giant tree located in Tabanan and towers over everything else surrounding it according to locals it is over 700 years old and 50 meters high this tree is located in a very small village which is called bayan that’s why the tree is also called bayan ancient tree and if you are a photography enthusiast make sure to go there.

Sesandan Rice Field:- 

Bali there are some big ones which everyone knows such as probably the chatului rice fields or the tagalalang rice fields which are also amazing if you want to have a rice field probably just to yourself you should definitely go to the sesam rice fields because they are simply gorgeous not many people know of this place and you can take amazing drone footage when you are there and they are located in the middle part of Bali it is about an hour drive from Chengdu.

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lempuyang Temple:-

Lempuyang temple this temple is located in the eastern part of the island and it is probably one of the oldest and most sacred temples on the entire island the good thing about this temple is that it is located super high so you will have an amazing view at mount agung when you are standing in between the gates really cloudy but normally where the clouds are you can see mount Agung.

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Ubud is located in the middle part of Bali. And for me, I call it the green heart of Bali. Because Ubud is surrounded by rainforest rice paddies Hindu temples there is a really the serene atmosphere. And if you want to relax and come closer to yourself come closer to nature then definitely Ubud is the place to be.

Ubud is also known as a center for traditional crafts and dance so there are lots of art markets. And there will be lots of handmade products which you can buy. I absolutely love it is because this way you can also support the local people and I almost forgot Ubud is home to the Tagalog rice terraces.Which you probably have heard of this is one of the best things to do in Bali. But I’m not sure there will probably be lots of tourists so if you want to have this place a little bit more to yourself you should come here early in the morning.

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Uluwatu (Jimbaran):-

This is such a laid-back town in the southern part of Bali if you like surfing if you like laid-back vibes then you should definitely visit Uluwatu this is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches in entire Bali. Uluwatu area is known for its blue waves impressive sea cliffs white sand beaches fancy clubs and definitely top-quality surfing there is something for everyone right here it is nice to connect with people when you are in Uluwatu.

nusa penida

Nusa Penida:-

Nusa Penida is Bali’s neighboring island it is a little bit smaller than Bali but it is definitely worth visiting I think from Bali it’s a half-hour boat ride to Nusa Penida and Nissa Penida is home to beautiful rock formations clear blue waters a huge array of marine life like dolphins and manta rays you can see everything right there are lots of chilled vibes all around the island and it is also home to the most famous beach of probably whole Indonesia which is clinking beach you can also hike up because clinking viewpoint is the thing that you will always see in pictures if you hike down you can actually reach clinking beach itself but be prepared because it is a very steep hike and Lis Penida is a very hot island.

tritha ganga

Tirtha Ganga:-

Tirtha Ganga water palace is located in the eastern part of Bali. Tirta Ganga is a former royal palace in the eastern valley. It is about five kilometers from Karangasem near abang. It is named after the sacred river Ganga and Hinduism. The entrance to enter this temple is 30 000 Indonesian rupiah. And then you will also probably want to buy some fish food which is 5k Indonesian rupiah.

Parking is free but the fish food is because there are so many fishes in this water. And I’m not talking about small fishes I’m talking about huge goldfishes. You probably have seen some of the pictures on Instagram but this place is amazing to take some beautiful pictures of you. Surrounded by fish but therefore you will probably need some fish food. So, I think I bought three or four bags each bag will be around 5k Indonesian rupiah.

mount batur

Mount Batur:-

Mount Batur is located in the bungle region of the island of Bali. You can do a night hike to the top of the volcano and then you can have the most amazing sunrise. This is an active volcano which makes the experience, even more, cooler. And it is super adventurous to hike up in the middle of the night you will need definitely a good guide.You need to put your alarm very early around 3 p.m but I’ll promise you it’s worth it because the hike will be a little bit tough. But when you are on the top of the mountain and you see the most amazing sunrise of your life.

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Lahangan Sweet:-

Lahangan sweet is located close to Ahmed beach in the eastern part of Bali. And lahangan suite is one of the Bali’s newest attractions boasting an epic viewpoint that treats you to the best far-reaching views of mount Agung. Be prepared because the short road towards there can be very muddy. With a bike it can be a little bit tricky. I would definitely recommend you to come here very early in the morning just during sunrise. if you want to have beautiful light or during sunset because then you will have the sunset in your pictures. But during one of these times you should visit this place.

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The Gili Island:-

Gili islands are located an hour and a half by boat from Bali. And are the perfect place to get away from the busy streets of Bali. The islands have no cars so you can explore by bike and by foot. There are also horses with carriages. Watch the sunset and whether to drink coconut. Or buy a watermelon which are very luxurious decisions. And the Gili islands are home to crystal clear waters which make it the perfect place to go off the land and explore the water. The diving is amazing there are so many beautiful fishes there are sea turtles reef sharks.

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