Terms & Conditions

In the terms and conditions set out in this document, the following terms shall, unless contrary to the context, mean “You/Your/ Passenger the person(s) in whose names and/or on whose behalf the Booking is made” and “We/Us/Company/Our Company means “M/s Luxury Vacations and Holidays Pvt Ltd”

The company is a travel and holiday organizer only. We do not own, operate or control any Airlines, Shipping Company, Coach Company, Hotel, Transport Company, Restaurants or any other allied services provided to you during the course of the tour.

These General Terms are to be read along with the itinerary specific terms handed over to you along with itinerary/handout and shall form the part of the contract between you and the company.

Respect to the package booked by you, in writing, as our company shall not be recognizing to any verbal understanding arrived between you and the employee of the company.We request you to read carefully and understand the contents of the tour brochure/itinerary, and the Terms and Conditions which are provided along with the booking form, with the itinerary and other contents provided by our staff and also available online, on our website, as all these will form a part of the contract between you and company once the booking is initiated.

In order to initiate the booking, you are required to sign the itinerary and booking form and such other documents as we may deem fit and as provided by the company and make payment in terms of the booking. Only upon executing the booking documents and on payment of the prescribed non-refundable interest-free booking/token advance amount, a binding contract shall come into existence. We recommend you to ensure, before signing and executing the booking form that you have and further you will be able to provide all the required valid and genuine documents, personal particulars and professional qualifications in order to enable you to apply for VISA, insurance etc. You are further requested to please go through the same carefully and also cross-check the same with our staff in order to ascertain any required documentation.

e request you to carry your original passport at the time of booking, else if booking is done at your instance, any change required due to spelling etc. or renewal of passport required due to any defect or change required, amendment in booking shall attract alteration charges or cancellation of booking and re-booking charges to be borne by you independently.

By way of signing the present terms and conditions and all ancillary documents it is understood, that you have carried out the independent market survey and you are availing the said tour service from Company after carrying your independent market survey and after your full satisfaction that the services provided by Company is at the best possible rates and you are not being induced by our officials/representative to buy the particular package. Further, you are free to compare the rates and services being offered by our company with other travel agents. If at any point of time before signing the terms and conditions or paying the advance you feel that the package being bought by you is not appropriate as per your needs and requirements, you shall be free to cancel the same after paying appropriate charges, if any.

Further, after initiating the booking process if any cancellation request is made, it shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy. We request you to take all clarifications with 

You understand and accept that company cannot be saddled with the responsibility and liability of any Third Party vendors. Further, if any claim is to be filed with respect to any of the services which are directly being provided by the third party, it has to be filed directly with the concerned party and not with our company.

By signing the booking form and & itinerary handout, you give your consent to adhere to the terms and conditions, rules thereof and further understand that we cannot be held responsible/liable for any delay, deficiency, injury, death, and loss or damage etc. occurred due to act or default of such service provider(s), their employees or their agent(s).

Our tour package price may vary from one group of tourists to another or from one tourist of a group to another of the same group, due to reasons such as variations in rates effected by airlines/cruises/tour operators/hotels, in view of peak-season price hikes, weekend surcharges, occupancy situations of seats in airlines or rooms in hotels, sales promotion moves of the Co. airlines/hotels and yield management policies etc. at that point in time. In view of the above inevitable factors in the travel and tour industry, the Tourist undertakes that no claim shall be made for refund or compensation against the Co. on the ground that the tour price charged from the Tourist was higher than the price charged from any other tourist of the same group or from any other group of tourists.

Please note that all services rendered and facilitated by the company are subject to the full realization of payment by you prior to the date of departure. In case the payment for the services availed by you is made by cheque the package shall only be delivered to you after the realization of cheque.

Note :   Please note that company in its complete discretion shall refuse to accept the cheque if there are less than five working days available (from the date of presentation of the cheque by you) till the date of your departure.

The payment of the entire tour package has to be made before the scheduled delivery date either in form of Draft or by way of a cheque. Our company discourages payment to be made by cash deposit which are above Rs.1,99,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Ninety Nine Thousand only) whether in installment or otherwise as it is in violation of the norms of the country and shall attract penalty.


Please inform the company official prior to making any payment through credit card or link so as to allow us to authenticate the transaction and to avoid any kind of phishing activity.

Extra 01% charge shall be deducted for cash deposit being made by you directly in any of our Bank accounts as the same is charged by the banks for their services

Bank Account Detail

Our company offers both customized and budget tour package. The budgeted tour package is a low-cost package and the services offered along with budget packages are not as superior as compared to the customized package. If you wish to avail the high ended luxury package we would recommend you to opt for the tailored tour packages as per the needs, luxuries of the passenger which shall cost you on the higher side and may include private transfers, superior grade hotels and personal guide as desired and requested by you. Please be further informed that the private transfers generally means point to point transfers, it shall not mean that there is a vehicle at your disposal 24*7. It specifically means that a vehicle shall be made available to you from point to point as specified in the itinerary. However, if you choose the option for car at disposal the same shall be available at your request and subject to confirmation from the Destination Management Company.

In budgeted packages, all the transfers shall be coach transfers/sharing transfers and seating capacity of the coaches shall depend upon the number of passengers traveling in the tour. In some places, air-cooled coaches are used. If you are booking your tour package for Europe, USA or Australia there are may be long drives that may stretch 7-8 hours or more depending upon the itinerary you choose. In the interest of the fellow passenger smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages shall not be allowed. In budgeted group package, choice of airlines and Hotels may not be available, unless opted by you for the same, subject to availability of the same at the prevailing price. Sightseeing tours are organized as drive through panoramic city tour with a few photo stops. In countries such as Europe, USA there are orientation city tour where passengers can see the monuments from outside at places drop to shop is also allowed for a strict time interval as defined in the itinerary. For groups traveling to Europe and USA our company holds and reserves its rights to re-assess its capacity to operate to the tour group thirty days before the travel date to ensure the formation of an adequate number of passengers traveling in the group.

Company reserves its right to cancel the group package being booked by you if in case they are not having an adequate number of passengers for traveling/operating the group which is usually 30 days before the travel date. In such a case Company may offer an alternative tour package or shall make refund of the entire tour cost component being paid by you after deducting the VISA charges and facilitation charges, However, such cancellation of the group tour by the company shall not give you any right to claim damages on account of loss of time or any other ground.

All services provided to you shall be as per those specified/confirmed and paid by you as detailed in the itinerary and travel voucher being handed over to you. Example, if you avail any service such as porterage, room service, laundry, charge, a-la-carte meals, alcoholic beverages, bottled water, soft drinks, paid toilets etc or anything that is not specifically shown as included in the Tour Cost, then the payment for the same will have to be made by you

In the event, if any booking is being made by you for travel service, also including but not limited to the insurance policy, international SIM card which is controlled and operated through any third party operators like adventure sports etc. the terms and conditions of such third party operators, including their payment schedules, cancellation policies, refunds etc. shall be applicable to you in addition to these terms and conditions and we cannot be fastened with any kind of liability for the same.

We reserve the right to alter, amend, change or modify the tour package and itineraries before or during the tour. We will make all reasonable efforts to notify you promptly of such changes/ events sufficiently in advance during booking or prior to departure of the tour, and we will solicit your full co-operation in accepting such circumstantial changes. Therefore, no grievance with respect to change in itinerary/ service change which we are constrained to make will be entertained from you during or after the tour. Such changes may be necessitated due to factors beyond our control such as force majeure events, strikes, fairs, festival(s), sport event(s), weather condition(s), traffic problem(s), overbooking of hotel(s) flight(s), cancellation, re-routing of flight(s) or railway, closure of/ restricted entry at a place of sightseeing etc.

Company reserves the right to change the Hotels being suggested in the itinerary as the same are always indicative to the category of the Hotels the company shall be providing not that the company is bound to provide the Hotels mentioned in itinerary. Company shall provide a Hotel with a similar category at all times.

Company selects Hotels for your stay at locations, as provided by its Destination Management Company (DMC) for various reasons, in countries such as Europe and USA the hotels chosen are away from the city center as they are comparatively cheaper in comparison to the Hotels situated in the downtown or main city center area, which at times leads to long drives between the Hotel and the main city. At the time of check-in of the Hotel, we request you to follow instructions of coordinator and hotel staff. It may take some time for them to give you room due to peak season and heavy footfall, you have to cooperate and wait until room is allocated. At times there may not be air conditioner or fan due to climatic conditions.

The standard check-in time for Hotels across the globe is 14:00 Hrs onward and the check out time is 12:00 Hrs latest or before that. Hotels may not provide you breakfast on the day of check-in unless and until you have requested for an early check-in for which you have to pay additional charges.

Hotel may ask for security deposit, any damage in the hotel the cost of it will be adjusted while refunding security deposit by the hotel. Adjacent, interconnecting, king bed size, no smoke cabins may be provided, if available with the Hotel. Hotel management may charge for these requests.

It is further understood that the actual distance of each Hotel from the city center is known and is already disclosed to you with the help of hotel website by our staff.

The company shall arrange alternate accommodation in a “similar type” or “similar category” Hotel. Notwithstanding, anything similar herein means similar Hotel accommodation costing almost similar rates. It does not here mean or imply that the location of a similar Hotel shall be in the same vicinity of the Hotel tentatively mentioned.

Notwithstanding the above, if in case in the process of changing the hotel, we shall try to provide you the best possible hotel of a “like” or “similar category” or at times shall even upgrade your hotel. In case, despite of our best efforts, there is degradation of the Hotel, in comparison to one which was earlier booked, the differential amount shall be returned to you. It will be calculated by comparing on-line rates of both properties as on a particular date. The liability of the company in such a case shall be limited only to the differential amount if any. However, for any increased tariff paid, the Company shall shoulder the additional burden as a goodwill gesture.

Also note, most of the Hotels worldwide and also the Cruise vendors may request you to give a security deposit at the time of check-in which can be either in the form of local currency or by way of charging the credit card, which is refundable/ returnable at the time of check out, after adjusting the dues, if any. It is implicit that the security amount to be deposited at the time of check-in of the Hotel is not included in the package cost for which you have to make your own arrangements. It is further informed that in case you wish to enquire the exact security amount to be deposited, we would request you to check hotel website or speak directly with the concerned hotel

Our Company shall not be held liable for the room conditions or any of its amenities. If there is any issue with any of the amenities in the Hotel rooms with respect to Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning, Security or any other such facilities, the same shall be brought to the knowledge of the Hotel management, who shall in its best effort and endeavor try to resolve the problem, if any.

In our best endeavors, our company engages in only air-conditioned coaches for transfers within the city and from city to airport and vice-versa. However, Our Company takes no responsibility for break-down of the same due to any reason. The coaches provided by the Destination Management Company (DMC) are generally 7 to 10 years old.

Also, be informed that in group tours seat numbers are allocated on rotation basis. In countries such as Europe & USA the maximum traveling time by coach is 8 to 10 hours or more in a day under normal road and traffic conditions. If you or any of your co-passengers misses any service due to unpunctuality, our Company shall not be liable to refund any amount. Neither shall we be liable to refund any amount or pay any compensation/damages for any change in itinerary nor for missing any service due to the unpunctuality or actions of your co-passengers for any delays due to any reasons. The transfers being provided are generally Seat in Coach (SIC) on sharing basis. In case of sharing transfers, one may have to wait for a longer duration, in case of coach transfer from airport to hotel as all the passengers need to clear the immigration check and assemble at the airport meeting point.

You are advised to cooperate with tour coordinator working on behalf of the Destination Management Company (DMC) to enable him hassle-free coordination.

Coaches have a limited space for luggage it is advisable that you travel lightweight and preferably carry only one suitcase and one soft handbag per person as it can be easily accommodated inside the coach. The ideal size of the baggage which we recommend is 158 cms (width +length +height). The ideal weight which shall be permitted in 20Kg Check-in Baggage plus 5 kg Day Pack.

We cannot be held liable for loss or any damage of the baggage during your transfers. It shall be the sole responsibility of passenger to lodge complaint with local authorities, police, hotel/ airline/DMC regarding loss or damages to the property. Since tour coordinator is to lead the group activities he will be unable to extend any personal assistance. Neither our company nor DMC can be held liable in this regard. It may be noted that insurance company, as the case may be, settle claims directly with the passenger of course in terms of insurance policy only.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Company be held liable to you or any person traveling with you for any loss of baggage being caused by the airlines, failure to provide meals of your choice by the airlines, and the Company is also not liable for any damage being caused to you by the airlines by way denying boarding of the flight due to any reason whatsoever or because of downgrading due to overbooking or if in case the airlines fails to accommodate you despite you having the confirmed ticket. The Company shall also not be responsible for quality or quantity of meals offered by the airlines and nor for flight rescheduling, flight cancellation, change of flight schedule or routing. Under all such circumstances, our company shall not be held liable for any loss/inconvenience suffered by you or by the people accompanying you. However, you shall be free to pursue your remedies against the concerned airlines at the appropriate forum at your cost and peril without making our company a party. The distance mentioned in hours is indicative of the approximate time of travel which may vary as per the prevailing air traffic and weather conditions. In group tickets, web-check-in may not be available. Seat allocation is not undertaken at our end as it is at discretion of airlines.

Also, please be informed, well in advance, that if there is any unusual delay or cancellation of flights or delay in landing of the Air Carrier which results into curtailment of days/nights in the tour package being booked by company, we cannot be held liable to compensate you for the said loss as the same is not in the hands of the company.

Our Company, in the best interest of its passengers traveling, has detailed here under the general advisory with respect to the Airlines Carrier. However, the same is not exhaustive and we request you to go through the detail terms and conditions of the Airline Carrier whom you are flying with.

We request you to ensure at the time of making the booking and of handing over the tour package to you, please note that your passport, VISA, and tickets is carrying the same name in the same format as printed on the passport. If in case there is any discrepancy in the name as printed on the passport in comparison to the name printed on the VISA and ticket, your VISA and ticket shall be canceled at your cost and expenses.

Also be informed, t during International Travel, if in case you miss any flight then all subsequent flight tickets shall be automatically canceled including all your return flights for which there shall be no refund even by the airlines. This auto cancellation is done by airlines believing that the person who has missed his flight is not traveling with airline carrier and to ensure that onward journey flight tickets and return journey flight tickets shall be made available to other potential passengers.

If is further advised that you must visit the concerned airline’s website and contact airline booking office or their respective call centers in India one day before departure and take an update of the flight timings. (Also note, at times there is an option given on the airline carriers websites wherein you can give your personal contact number and email id for the entire itinerary for receiving an update of your flight status. Further, there is also an option of providing your contact details over the phone by calling the airline contact number listed on their website. You may do so for regular updates of the status of the flight. At times you may be able to select your meal preference or seat preference, the same is to be intimated to the airline carrier well in advance through facilities such as web check-in for which you may be charged separately by the airlines. This may vary from various airlines, group or customized ticket, destination wise and type of booking.)

It is further advisable to reach the airport a minimum of three hours prior to the scheduled departure time mentioned in the itinerary. At times there is heavy congestion on roads and it may also take some extra time for you to check-in, get security clearance and immigration clearance etc. and reach the boarding gate at the earliest. The aircraft shall not wait for the passenger to come and neither it is mandatory for the airline carrier to give personal call to the passenger who has already checked-in but has not boarded the flight. The boarding gate generally closes 30 – 40 minutes prior to the departure of the aircraft. You are further advised to check your boarding card and keep an eye on the airport display board, and to be alert for any gate change announcements by the airline. If in case there is any doubt with respect to the flight arrival or departure, you are advised to check the same from the airline staff at the boarding gate at the airport.

Our company advises you to do advance web-check-in on airline website, or kiosk check-in at Indian and overseas airports, (subject to availability) as there are separate baggage drop counters both in Delhi and Mumbai airports for passengers who have checked-in in advance through the online or kiosk mode.

Any excess baggage more than prescribed by airlines shall be charged by them approximately 150% of normal fares. You should visit airlines site for latest baggage policies.

We suggest not to put valuables, etc. in checking luggage – you should carry valuable, medicines with prescriptions and drug generic name listed, as brand name differs in countries.

The traveler may carry limited quantities of liquids, gels or paste in containers not exceeding 3 oz or 90 ml.

It is also advisable that you should affix name tags along with your contact number and proper address for easy identification of your luggage. As liquids in excess of 100 ml are not permitted in handbag at check-in or transit city, and same should be carried in a clear, transparent zip pouch. For further do’s and don’ts with respect to baggage, you are requested to go through the website of the concerned airline carrier for your comfortable journey.

You are also advised not to carry liquor in hand baggage if transiting in Mumbai or Delhi to another domestic station or domestic flight as it may result in forced disposal of liquor at transit security points. However, you may buy liquor in transit shopping areas within Indian cities such as Delhi & Mumbai or in places where duty-free is available at the time of arrival destination.

Do not carry power banks or lighters in check-in baggage, as such baggage will undergo an extra security check and it may result in holding up of such bags at origin. It may also result in such items being impounded by the security agencies. It is advisable to carry power bank in handbags only, which are subject to security screening. For further clarification and better understanding it is advisable that you go through airline website and terms and conditions mentioned therein.

You are further advised to listen carefully to the announcement being made and not to create a situation of panic if in case there is any delay in departure or arrival of your flight due to weather conditions, or occasional equipment malfunctions, as it may create more trouble for other co-passengers traveling in the group. You are requested to directly coordinate with the Airline Carrier in such cases.

It is further advised that you should not misbehave or manhandle the airport ground staff or the airline crew. It shall amount to a criminal offense for which you may be detained by the airport authorities.

We request you to check the international festival of the country you visiting such as Songkran Festival in Thailand, Chinese New Year in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, N yepi Festival in Indonesia, Ramadan in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia, Holi, Durgapuja, Kumbh Mela & Diwali in India, Ganesh Chaturthi In Mumbai, India, etc, as for some travelers it may be a reason to travel and for some it may not be a reason to travel. Also, during such period some of the attractions which you intend to visit may not be available due to the festivity of the season. We shall request you check the dates for your travel before you initiate the booking.

We advise you to buy adequate travel insurance for valuables which you are carrying beforehand, also take adequate measures to secure your valuables by ensuring safety locks on board as there are occasional incidents reported in few countries.

For the few who suffer from travel sickness, we advise you to consult a doctor before traveling and take all appropriate measure and medicines to overcome the same.

Our company shall, in no circumstances whatsoever, be liable to you or any other person traveling with you, for loss of baggage by the airline or during coach transfers within city or otherwise. We shall not be liable for the loss or any inconvenience suffered by you in this regard. However, you shall be free to pursue your remedies independently against the concerned service provider and to lodge a claim with the insurance company for loss and damages.

In outbound country travel we cannot assure you special Indian meals of the same taste which is available in India. You need to understand that the meals available in foreign land shall be different in taste and variety, neither our company can assure a special meal, as the menus are pre-set by the DMC nor can we guarantee a special diet as the same is provided at the complete discretion of the service provider.

However, we do take the request of meal preference and convey the same to our service provider who tries to provide you the same, subject to its availability and the same is to be informed at the time of booking itself. Also, note that number of meals including breakfast provided by the hotels is always corresponding to the number of nights booked by you. As it’s a standard practice that Hotels do not provide breakfast on the date of check-in. Our Company further reserves the right to change the meal arrangement, where circumstances compel us to do so. Company at its sole discretion may give a 10 GBP, 10 Euro or 10 USD (as the case may be) per person for dinner, if you are not choosing optional tour activity this is applicable only on specific tour destinations such as Europe, USA and UK . However, the same needs to be informed at least one day prior (1) day in advance.

It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate passport, which is valid for at least nine months beyond your proposed return date to India with necessary VISAs and immigration clearances (whichever is applicable). Our Company reserves its right to refuse to apply your VISA after its initial screening of the documents, if it finds that the documents being supplied by you are not credible or upon any reason which the company deems fit.

Please ensure that your passport is valid as described above and there are sufficient number of blank pages, should not be tempered/damage/soiled/ torn/missing pages or any other type of damage. Further adequate care should be taken if passport has any observation, validity for more than 10 years, ECR required or any other mismatch. Handwritten passports or passports with validity of more than 10 years or thumb impressions are not accepted and in such cases, the passport needs to be renewed.

Our Company shall take an appointment with the concerned embassy or with the VFS as the case may be. However, it is advisable that before you go for biometric there is no cut, wound or mehandi applied on your hands.. Also if you being accompanied with your Children below 5 years, up to 16 years of age have certain special procedures for which we request you to please visit the VFS or Embassy site.

The final right of entry in any country is vested with the immigration authorities at the destination country. At times there may be deportation despite of granting VISA and/or boarding pass at the destination port or VISA with-holding, refusal or delay by the Embassy Concerned due to the reasons best known to them for which the company cannot be held liable for any loss/damage being suffered by you.

Further, we have also contracted with M/s HRG Legal who on your request may assist you in submitting your VISA application for which you shall be charged separately. Such charges may include not only VISA charges but also cost inured for the service charge. The assistance provided by the experts and professional would be with respect to preparing of documents and submitting of the VISA application based on the documents provided by you. It is understood that there is no guarantee or assurance being provided by the Company, or our service provider that, if applied through them you shall get the VISA as granting or non-granting of VISA is the sole prerogative of the Embassy. The professionals shall only assist you to put your case in the best possible manner on the basis of the documents provided by you. Even if you do not get your VISA, you will be liable to pay both the VISA fees and services charges as applicable which are non-refundable. Further, the amount due in respect of the VISA fees shall be paid by you separately to M/s HRG Legal. Please note, granting or rejecting VISA’s and immigration clearance is the sole prerogative of the concerned Sovereign Government, and the company shall not be responsible for non-granting of VISA or any consequential loss being suffered by you.

You should ensure that you submit all the relevant documents and photographs within the prescribed time limit as mentioned in the documentation checklist, given to you at the time of booking of the tour.

It is your responsibility to provide company all the additional information details and documents which you possess to support the VISA application. The company cannot be held liable for any clerical error regarding names, attachment of wrong photograph, duration, and types of VISA (Single/multiple entry) occurs in the embassy. It is your duty and responsibility to check VISA, their validity, details and the correctness thereof. All the consequences of refusal of grant of VISA is on you including the corresponding cancellation charges.

In the event of the application for VISA being made by you or the Company on your behalf, if rejected by the concerned Embassy or Authorities due to inadequate supply of documents furnished by the applicant or due to any other reason whatsoever, the Company shall not be liable or responsible for the same.

You further give your consent that if in case the passports are required to be mailed for VISA’s/POE to different cities, Company has the right to courier the same by a reputed courier agency and in case of loss or delay of the passport arising out of such transmission, Company shall not be held responsible or liable to compensate the holder for any loss whatsoever.

The position in respect of cancellation of tour by you due to non-availability of travel documents would not change only by virtue of you having applied for such documents through the Company.

In case VISA is being applied by you/passenger, it is your responsibility to check & re-check all the documents, application submitted by you in-person. You must send a copy thereof immediately to us through Whats App, mail, physically handing copy thereof to us or through any such means.

Our company recommends you to take foreign exchange partly in foreign currency and partly in traveler’s cheque / traveler’s card. It is advisable to arrange for the same at least one week prior to the date of departure. Traveler’s cheque can be enchased overseas for normal fee and can be further replaced/reissued, in case stolen. However, our company owes no responsibility for any such services. The terms and conditions of such traveler’s card/cheque issuer shall be applicable.

The prices quoted by the company in its brochure, website, advertisements are in US$ or in equivalent foreign currency or in equivalent INR taken at a notional rate at the time of designing/procuring package. Company further reserves its right to change these prices in case of increase in rate of foreign exchange or due increase in surface transportation prior to the date of departure. Our company reserves its right to increase the tour price without prior notice you.

The package cost being offered by our company is based on the prevailing foreign currency rate at the time of designing the said package which may differ at the time when you book the package or make the final payment. Accordingly, the difference in the foreign currency is payable by you as and when demanded by the company.

As per the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India, all residents holding Indian passport are entitled to avail an amount not exceeding USD 250000 or an amount to its equivalent in one calendar year for one or more private/leisure visit under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme. You have to submit your request on pre-printed LRS/Basic Travel Quota forms, which has to be completed by you and is to bear your signature. The company shall forward the said form to the authorized money changer, so as to get the required amount of the foreign exchange for meeting the tour cost component which is to be paid in foreign currency.

If you are traveling to UK & Europe the price of basic travel insurance policy is included in the cost of the package booked by you up to the age of Passenger of less than 60 years. In case passenger is 60 & above age additional age-linked premium is payable by the passenger. The travel insurance being provided to you is with add-on benefit of Trawell Tag Cover-more with its assistance services and ancillary products which is underwritten by an IRDA Authorized Underwriter. (Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. For details of risk factors, terms and conditions, please read the policy terms and conditions carefully before concluding a purchase)

Our company is merely providing facilitation to get cover insured at the instance of passenger with no other role or liability. This means you have a direct contractual relation with the insurance company and you have to directly submit claim to insurance company. Further, the insurance company shall directly pay the settlement amounts to you, and if in case there is any dispute between you and the insurance company in regard of the amount of compensation or any other dispute, the same shall be settled by you at your own expense with the insurance company. At no point in time should you ask the company to bear any cost whatsoever in case of any arrangements to be made for the transportation of the dead body inter-alia including the expenses incurred for procuring of the death certificate, post mortem etc. We cannot be held responsible for not extending any help for the same, neither our company shall be held responsible in case any of the relatives wish to visit the country where the tourist has expired, all the necessary arrangements shall be made by the said relative only at its cost.

You have to check the terms of the insurance policy in case of any discrepancy. It’s the sole responsibility of the insured to put the same in knowledge of the insurance company and get the same rectified, the company would not be responsible for the loss caused to the insured due to such discrepancy, if any.

For countries such as Europe & UK, the cover of overseas medical insurance is mandatory for all travelers irrespective of their age. However, we recommend that every outbound traveler must buy a travel insurance policy for the period traveling.

We in order to facilitate our customer’s outbound travel, make available SIM cards for international use which is a third party product and is introduced directly by the seller company. Before buying the same from our company we request you to read the terms and conditions of the company as the same are the subject matter of solicitation. You are free to purchase any such article from market. In case it is purchased by you through our company, we request you to make inquiries from the company directly and buy the same after being satisfied.

Our Company shall not be held responsible or liable for any sort of defect in the product, in services, billing or any other complaint. For any such query, you will have to directly write to the seller company.

Company reserves its right to cancel the booking being made by you or even amend the same, if necessary without assigning any reasons thereof. Such an amendment or cancellation may be due to circumstances beyond the control of the company. As per the policy of the company, the company in its best endeavors shall book alternate Hotels for you, after confirming the dates with you. However, at no point of time shall our Company shall be responsible or liable to pay any compensation or damage or any other expense or business loss suffered by you due to the cancellation or amendment of the tour package booked by you.

In case you wish to cancel the tour package booked, you must notify us in writing through email. Only after the receipt of the same by our company staff, it shall be deemed that the said communication has been received by our company.

The cancellation charges shall apply, irrespective of the reason for cancellation whatsoever, including medical emergency or pregnancy. You understand and acknowledge that these charges are genuine and are the pre-estimate of the damages that our Company will suffer on account of cancellation being made by you. Further in group bookings, if the cancellations are being made due to any reasons, it shall increase the cost of the entire group which cost cannot be burdened upon other group members traveling, so the cancellation charges are on higher side in order to mitigate that loss which the company has to bear on account of you not traveling. However, our company in its best endeavor tries to mitigate the loss as minimum as possible on you in terms of the cancellation policy. You further uni-vocally understand that the said cancellation charges shall be paid by you without any dispute and the same are explained to you at the time of finalization of the itinerary. If the tour is 100% confirmed and delivered there shall be 100% Cancellation charges.

Granting and rejection of VISAS is the sole discretion of embassy. Our Company only acts as a facilitator for obtaining the VISA. The company shall, under no circumstances, be held liable or responsible for rejection of VISAS and any other related incidental or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense. You are required to submit copy of VISA granted to you.

If the rejection of VISA is intimated by the embassy within the cancellation period specified above, then the cancellation charges as appearing shall be applicable. You are required to submit Refusal of VISA to us. For the purpose of ascertaining the applicable cancellation rates, the cancellation under this head will be deemed to have been made only when we receive the intimation of VISA rejection from the embassy. Subsequently, if you choose to re-apply for the VISA, then, in that case, the cancellation charges if any shall be borne by you from the date of second refusal if any. If in case we have received no intimation from the embassy of accepting of VISA application before the departure date of the tour, then, in that case, the maximum cancellation charges shall apply.

The tour package booked by you, can be canceled for want of balance payment of tour package, wherein after subsequent request you have failed to deposit the balance payment In such a case we reserves the rights to cancel the tour package and shall recover the balance amount, if any from you after adjusting the advance received.

Please note that after applying the cancellation policy, if there is any amount which is to be refunded it shall be remitted only by way of a cheque which shall be drawn in the name of the person whose name the booking is made. Company shall not take any request of remittance of the amount to any third party or of remittance in form of cash as the same is against the company policy.

We hold our right to charge a processing fee which shall be 5% of package cost if the booking is withdrawn by you even 5 minutes after confirmation of booking reference number being communicated to you from our end. Once confirmation is conveyed normal cancellation charges shall be applied

You are responsible for your documents and you have taken the risk and responsibility of your baggage, belongings currency and valuable documents at all times during the tour whether during the travel on airline, coach transfers or during the stay in hotel. If any case due to any of the foregoing reason or otherwise you lose essential documents such as passport, VISA, tickets etc. you shall be solely responsible for such loss It is also submitted that our company cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused to you because of theft, accident, and negligence due to any reason whatsoever. Notwithstanding the above if in case said the loss is covered by the insurance company you may be free to file your claim directly with the insurance company and take independent remedies with respect to the same. It is reiterated that your contract with the insurance company is independent and the terms and conditions of such contract may govern your claim.

We request you to check the international festival of the country you visiting such as Songkran Festival in Thailand, Chinese New Year in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, N yepi Festival in Indonesia, Ramadan in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia, Holi, Durgapuja, Kumbh Mela & Diwali in India, Ganesh Chaturthi In Mumbai, India, etc, as for some travelers it may be a reason to travel and for some it may not be a reason to travel. Also, during such a period some of the attractions which you intend to visit may not be available due to the festivity of the season. We shall request you check the dates for your travel before you initiate the booking.

It is advised to keep photocopy and also soft copy with you and with your relatives of all travel documents. For carrying foreign exchange, plastic currency, traveler cheques it is advisable to carry purchase receipts also.

You are further advised that if in case your baggage is lost or misplaced at any point of time it is solely your responsibility to take all appropriate measures including lodging of the complaint with the appropriate authorities. It is further expressly being mentioned that in such an event the tour operator shall not be in a position to escort you to lodge a complaint, as it would compromise the convenience and time of the group.

It shall be solely your responsibility to hold valid travel documents such as passport, VISA, airline tickets, insurance etc. to enable you to travel on the tour. It is reiterated that in certain countries valid passport shall mean a passport having a validity of at least six to nine months beyond the scheduled departure of your tour. Further also note that in case the cancellation is to be made by you for non-satisfaction of the above conditions, the cancellation charges shall apply as per the cancellation policy of the company. We suggest you to declare valuables to the airlines at the time of check-in and pay additional charges if any to the airline so as to enable holding airlines responsible. Without this airlines may invoke limitation of liability production as per international provisions.

It is further understood that the onus shall lie upon you to disclose to the company about any such ailment or medical issue which may affect your ability to fully enjoy the tour services. On such disclosures being made by you, Our Company reserves the right to cancel the bookings being made by you for the entire group. Further, if necessary, our company also reserves the right to ask you to undergo medical tests and to also provide a medical certificate of fitness for travel, if need be.

However, it is not our obligation to check your medical condition and if you suffer any injury on the tour or in case you are unable to enjoy any part of the tour due to your medical conditions, we shall not be liable to compensate you or refund any amount to you for non-utilization of service. It shall be deemed that you have yourself chosen to skip the particular service and it is a case of ‘no-show’ wherein the company shall deduct 100% amount on account of the service.

If in case your health is in deteriorating condition at the time of boarding the flight, the airline carrier may even decline to accept you on medical grounds. We request you to go through and understand the terms and conditions of airline carriers, as we shall not be held responsible for any consequences that you may suffer.

You are advised to read carefully all the terms and conditions in order to understand your duties, responsibilities, and risk before signing of the contract. Our company is a tour organizer and we shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage with respect of life, limb, property, sickness, discomfort, additional expenses incurred by you or for any direct, indirect, consequential loss or damage of any kinds suffered by you howsoever. In case our liability arises from this contract, it is understood that it shall not exceed the total amount paid for the tour by you. Further in no case or circumstances shall Our Company can be held personally liable for any indirect, special or consequential losses or damages whatsoever.

Our company shall not be liable to you for refund, compensation, claim if the number of days is reduced, postponement or re-routing of any transport service due to any reason whatsoever. Our company is acting as a booking agent for the overseas tour operator/travel component supplier and at best can be described as a holiday organizer. Please note that the information being given on the website and the printed brochures is what company is being briefed about by the Destination Management Companies (DMCs), and if in case any information as being provided in the brochures or website of the company is not accurate, our company shall change the same as soon as it comes to the knowledge of the company. However, Our Company cannot be held liable for loss or damage being suffered due any such information. It is understood that Our Company does not control or operate any Airline, neither does it own any shipping company, coach or coach company or Hotel or Transport Services, and as such if any loss or damage is being caused due to such carriers or Hotel, Our Company cannot be held liable.

You will have to strictly follow the tour program and comply with the terms and conditions of the various contractors/ third party vendors such as Hotels, Airlines, Destination Management Companies, Cruise, and Insurance etc.

You are further requested to be punctual and adhere to the time-lines of the tour. In case of you not being punctual you may miss your flight, your coach and your meal etc for which you cannot claim any damage from our company.

You understand that you are traveling in the group, and you shall not behave in a manner which causes distress or annoyance to other tour participants. In case you behave in a manner which is rowdy and indecent, you may be asked to leave the group at your cost and peril.

It is understood that there shall be no refund or compensation whatsoever for unutilized services whether as a matter of choice or caused by your fault or compelled by circumstances such as ill-health, weather or any other reason.

This Agreement and any matter relating thereto shall be governed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of India. You agree that in the event of any dispute on the difference between the parties the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts/tribunals shall be of New Delhi only.

We take all reasonable care in preparing the brochure(s), web pages and other documents and in describing the services therein. However, we are not liable for any typographical/printing errors. Further, we go strictly by the terms and conditions, and in case our staff has assured you of anything which is contrary to the terms mentioned herein, we shall request you to obtain the same in writing in order to avoid any confusion at a later stage.

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