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The Kashmir Lakes Trek is a mystical experience of the untouched alpine regions of Kashmir. Stretching from around 70 to 75km, this long trek crosses a succession of incredibly beautiful stunning high-altitude lakes bordered by snowy peaks, green fields, and colorful wildflowers. Vislansar is one of the famous lakes of this area along with other ones like Krishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, and Gangbal.

If you strike there, a splendid panorama opens to you, which resembles the kaleidoscopic beauty of The Kashmir Valley while each lake provides its fascination. The expedition provides an interesting mix of difficult climbs, tranquil lakeside camping, and friendly wild out-there flora and fauna, serving as a paradise for nature admirers and hikers on the top of their game. Here’s a guide in which we have mentioned everything you need to know about the Kashmir great lakes trek.

Best time for Kashmir Great Lakes trek

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You should plan your trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes from the start of July till the end of September. This is the time when you can experience the real thrill and the beauty of nature in these months you can have a safe trek as there is no sign of snow on the trails during this time.  

Monsoon season starts in July and lasts till September, usually, it is advised to not go trekking in monsoon season but with Kashmir, it’s the opposite. It is the time of peak summer in kashmir. This place is separated from the rest of the Indian subcontinent by the Pir Pranjal range which blocks the monsoon clouds and that’s why kashmir does not have a rainy season during these months. This is the time when the autumn season is coming leaving the summers behind. This is the best time if you want to witness the true beauty of nature.

Trekking in July

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July is the month of the summer season which makes it easier for trekkers to complete the trek. During this month there are no traces of snow on the trails making it clear and perfect for a trek. You can have clear views of lush green meadows, blooming flowers, and mountains with the melting snow in this season. This scenery creates one of the most picturesque environments which is an absolute treat to one’s eyes.

Trekking in mid-September

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This is the time when winter is setting in kashmir, you’ll feel cold during the day but it is not extremely cold in mid-September, which makes this month ideal for trekking. You can enjoy your trek with clear skies and slightly cold and pleasant weather. The starting and mid weeks of September are good but by the end of September it starts to snow which covers the trails and it may also block some routes of Kashmir. So, it is advised to avoid trekking during this month.

Difficulty level of trek

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The trek is labeled as being moderately hard to extremely hard with a grade of 4, which is suitable for skilled trekking persons who have some prior experience with similar treks. In this way, you will mostly face inclines with declines alternately with some rocky paths and possible hard weather conditions for instance, in higher altitudes. Hikers need to get themselves acquainted with different kinds of terrain, since snow patches may be a part of it, and they should get around well enough to achieve such a high altitude. The length of this trek also contributes to the fact that the distance traveled each day and the high altitude of some campsites result in the Average difficulty of these hikes. However, in the open spaces of nature, there are the astounding vistas, deep and steep valleys, and calm stillness of flawless alpine lakes which offer worthy rewards even for those who make the ultimate sacrifices to explore this attractive marvel.

How to reach

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The starting point of this trek is Sonmarg which is a town situated in kashmir valley. You can reach here by air, road, or by train. 


By Air

There is no airport in Sonmarg so, you’ll have to take a flight to the Sheikh Al-alam airport which is in Srinagar. After reaching Srinagar you can hire a taxi to reach Sonmarg. It will take around 3-4 hours to reach Sonmarg from Srinagar and the distance between both places is 80 km.  


By Road

From Srinagar

You can reach Srinagar easily by road as it is connected to all the major cities in the region. You can take a taxi or you can also rent a car to Sonmarg after reaching Srinagar. You can reach Sonmarg from Srinagar in approx 3-4 hours. 


From Jammu

You can take a taxi, public bus, or a shared cab from Jammu to reach Sonmarg. It will take about 10-12 to reach Sonmarg from Jammu.


By Train

There are no trains that connect to Srinagar. The private passenger rail connecting Jammu to Tawi is at a distance of 269 kilometers from the station. Hired cars, a bus, or a bus of Jammu-Srinagar National Highway can be chosen by travelers as an alternative to reach Srinagar to experience the fresh air and cleanliness offered by nature. After reaching Srinagar you can take public transport to reach Sonmarg.


Ultimately, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a perfect example of natural beauty. From flowery, narrow meadows to the lushly forested and the deeper high-altitude lakes. The journey starts from the serene shores of Vishansar and passes through the additional pages of the expedition which reveal an enchanting view of Gangbal Lake in each destination. It sometimes even breaks physical barriers along the way while the dynamic of the journey constantly compensates all trekkers for efforts with the dazzling beauty of natural areas. Whilst being on the trip with the Noble culture and the always loving nature, the memories left from the walk on the Kashmir Great Lakes are more than just precious, they are the marks of mother nature’s grandeur.

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