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Want to know how to apply thailand visa on arrival form online? Thailand is renowned for being one of the most accessible countries in Asia and for having a wide range of attractions, including the peaceful beaches of Koh Tao and the ancient city of Ayutthaya. The nation is traveler-friendly, with public transport operating late into the night and a wealth of English-language information. There is still some preparation work to be done, such as understanding how to correctly complete the Visa On Arrival form online.

To make sure your submission of the Thailand Visa On Arrival (VOA) application form goes successfully, we’ll guide you through the most crucial points to take into account.

You can apply for the VOA from the convenience of your home thanks to travel companies like Luxury Tours. Therefore, you can have your Thailand VOA pre-approved rather than standing in huge lines at the immigration department at a checkpoint in Thailand.

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What is a Thailand Visa On Arrival?


Through the expedited Thailand Visa On Arrival programme, visitors from qualified nations can obtain a tourist visa at Thailand’s international entry ports directly away, without the need to apply ahead of time.

This VOA allows for a single stay of up to 15 days per entry and is intended for brief visits. Holders are not allowed to look for work, engage in long-term residency, or utilise state services or benefits during this time.

Currently, travellers visiting Thailand can benefit from the VOA on behalf of nationals of 19 other nations. They don’t have to apply in advance for a tourist visa.

Requirements for a Thailand VOA


In order to obtain a Visa On Arrival (VOA) for Thailand, visitors need to fulfil the subsequent requirements:

  1. Your country of origin must be on the list of nations whose nationals are eligible to apply for the VOA.
  2. You should only travel to Thailand for vacation.
  3. Your passport must have at least one page available for the visa stamp and be valid for at least 30 days after your arrival in Thailand.
  4. A confirmed address in Thailand, such as the hotel or flat where you would be staying, should be provided.
  5. A verified return ticket proving you will depart Thailand within 15 days of arrival is required. Open-ended tickets are not accepted, so please be aware of that.
  6. You must provide proof that you have enough money for your visit: for single visitors, at least 10,000 THB (about US$279.45); for families, at least 20,000 THB (roughly US$558.90).
  7. There is a 2,000 THB VOA charge that needs to be paid in cash at the point of entry in Thai Baht.

How to fill out the Thailand Visa On Arrival application form


When requesting a Visa On Arrival, the Thailand Visa On Arrival application form is required. The majority of Thailand’s international entrance points, such as airports, harbours, and land borders, provide access to it.

To fill out the Thailand VOA form, you need to supply the following details:

  • Write your entire name in the following order: First name, middle name, and family name (surname).
  • Country of origin.
  • The passport number.
  • The time and location of your passport’s issuance.
  • The day of your birth.
  • The date on which your passport expires.
  • Your flight number, which you can find on your boarding card or airline ticket.
  • Your profession in your native nation.
  • Your home country’s permanent address.
  • The address where you will be staying in Thailand.
  • The name and address of the person or people who can serve as references in Thailand (only fill this section if you have a Thai host who will house you while you’re there).
  • If minor children are travelling with you on your passport, please provide their names, birthplaces, and dates of birth.

A passport-sized photo that was taken within the last six months must also be attached to the upper-right corner of the form. In addition, you must sign the paper and indicate when you will arrive.

Since the Thailand Visa on Arrival form is intended for official usage, the bottom section should be left blank.

Thailand Visa On Arrival Form for Indian


First things first: For this trip, you will require a Thailand visa as an Indian citizen. However, you can apply for an e-Visa online and avoid ever leaving your home by filling out the application form instead of visiting the embassy in New Delhi. It is far simpler to obtain and has the same value as a paper visa.

Indian nationals require a visa in order to enter Thailand; the type of visa required will vary on the reason for the journey and the duration of the stay. You can apply for a visa at the airport if your trip is for less than two weeks and is only intended for tourism. Please get in touch with the Luxury Vacations and Holidays for further details if you like to secure the visa upon arrival.

Indian citizens are among the 19 nationalities eligible to apply for a Thailand eVisa. The visa is only good for one entry. To obtain a tourist visa for Thailand, simply fill out the application on or contact luxury tours for seamless experience.

Anyone who isn’t exempt from needing a Thai visa or qualified for one upon arrival needs to apply for a tourist visa to Thailand.

How to get a Thailand eVOA with Luxury Tours


Select the Thailand electronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA) to avoid waiting in queue at immigration desks, avoiding paperwork and forgetting to bring enough Thai Baht to cover the visa price.

Use our website to contact us or directly call us to apply for your Thailand eVOA is a wise decision because it provides a non-technical method, secure payment alternatives, and attentive help during the application process.

The pre-approval code will be sent to you through email as soon as your application is accepted. Please print it off and bring it to the immigration checkpoint together with your passport and the other paperwork.

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