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Bhutan is the last Himalayan country, surrounded by breathtaking snow-capped mountains and dark woods that form a stunning scene. But that’s not all; Bhutan’s 72% forest cover makes it not only carbon-neutral but also the world’s only carbon-negative country. Aside from that, Bhutan is a fascinating and mysterious country where traditional Buddhist culture meets towering fortress-like dzongs and monasteries. Bhutan is a one-of-a-kind location due to its distinctive monastery architecture and graffiti on the walls depicting penises as a message to drive away evil. This one-of-a-kind country is without a doubt the best destination for Bhutan tourism, family holidays, honeymoon visits, and even adventure vacations. And if you want to be a part of this fascinating area, you may have your own Bhutan experience by following our guided list of the top Bhutan tourist attractions that you must see.

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The Best Places to Visit in Bhutan



Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital, is a fascinating place. The city, located in the Himalayan upper mountains, offers breathtaking views of the emerald trees and the Raidak or Chuu River which is enough make it a thing to see in Bhutan. Thimphu is a must-see cultural destination that mixes ancient and new world attractions. You may be astonished to observe their red light to be a traffic officer. Surprisingly, the red light only lasted three days before being replaced by a human traffic controller, owing to the inhabitants’ dislike for the signal. Today, tourists eager to capture the one-of-a-kind jewels of Bhutanese culture, gastronomy, and way of life crowd the city.

Buddha Dordenma, Memorial Chorten, Dechencholing Palace, Clock Tower Square, and Motithang Takin Preserve are among Thimphu’s most well-known tourist sites. Other tourist sites include Dzongs like Tashichho and Simtokha, as well as monasteries like Dechen Phodrang, Tango, and Cheri. Thimphu also has attractive cafés and bars, as well as nightclubs and restaurants, where you may interact and meet like-minded individuals.



Due to its quiet serene beauty and clean air, Paro is the most popular tourist destination in Bhutan, surrounded by unleveled mountains, lush green meadows, and old ruins. The city’s sole international airport is located right here. As a result, Paro draws the most tourists throughout the year. Excursions to the majestic dzongs of Paro and Zuri, as well as monasteries and palaces such as Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), Pelri Goemba, and Ugyen Pelri Palace, are offered on a regular basis.

Bondey Lhakhang, Khangkhu Lhakhang, Tago Lhakhang, Druk Choeding, and the National Museum are all worthwhile stops. Paro is a serene mediaeval town that is best explored on foot. It is worthwhile to take a stroll and see local life, making it a must-see destination in Bhutan and one of the best places to visit Bhutan in December.



Punakha is another stunning destination in Bhutan that is popular among adventure enthusiasts. This is the place to go for individuals who enjoy the adrenaline rush of river rafting in the two rivers/chhus – Mo and Pho. Punakha is most renowned for the 17th-century Punakha Dzong, which sits majestically beside the Pho and Mo Chhu rivers. During Punakha Tshechu, Bhutan’s religious celebration, this Himalayan town showcases masked dances and traditional music.

The mood is surreal, and many visitors come to learn about Bhutanese culture and history, as well as to appreciate the area’s breathtaking natural beauty. The Punakha Valley, which surrounds the town, has numerous must-see attractions, including Chimi Lhakhang and Namgyal Chorten, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Bhutan in September. These vantage locations provide spectacular views of rivers and mountains which best for Bhutan sightseeing. Punakha Dzong and Limbhukha are two more must-see sights in Punakha.



Trongsa is located in central Bhutan, and its lush nature provides a lovely setting in which to relax and think makes it one of the best tourist places in Bhutan. This must-see place in Bhutan lies in the heart of the country, with a vital crossroads connecting routes to Bumthang, Gelephu, and Punakha. Trongsa Dzong is a significant landmark in Trongsa. With red roofs and whitewashed walls located above a valley, this is one of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries. Trongsa is a tranquil small town where the only thing to do to pass the time is wander around the stores, which are tastefully adorned with pot plants and packed with happy inhabitants.



Jakar, also known as Chamkhar, is located at the slopes of Choekhor Valley. This region is most known for its market centre, and the Jakar Dzong is its most notable sight and a famous Bhutan tourist spot. This popular dzong, located above town in Bumthang’s Chamkhar Valley, is most likely Bhutan’s largest. A thorough exploration of the neighbouring valleys in Jakar will most likely take many days. Apart from the Jakar Dzong, other interesting and popular attractions in this area include Wangdicholing Palace, which was built in 1857, Bumthang Brewery, Lhodrak Kharchu Goemba, which was founded in the 1970s by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche; Cheese Factory, which is Bhutan’s only commercial cheese factory, and the 14th-century Jakar Lhakhang. Bathpalathang Airport, located on the east bank of the Chamkhar Chhu, is Jakar’s domestic airport.



Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park borders a massive U-shaped glacier valley known as Phobjikha. During the winter, the lovely black-necked cranes may be spotted in this ever-enchanting environment. Not only that, but as beautiful and peaceful as Phobjikha is, it also hosts exciting festivals. Which is why it is one of the famous places to visit in Bhutan. Tsechu Festival and the Crane Festival, which welcomes the black-neck cranes. Are passionately celebrated every year within the borders of the Phobjikha Valley.

This residence on the western slopes of the Black Mountains, on the other hand, provides captivating views of lovely valleys, marshy area, and lush meadows. Some people say’s it is one the Bhutan beautiful places. In addition to cranes, the neighbouring hills are home to muntjacs (barking deer), wild boars, sambars, serows, Himalayan black bears, leopards, and red foxes due to its proximity to Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. Other attractions in Phobjikha include Gangte Goemba, Nyelung Dechenling, Khewang Lhakhang, Kumbu Lhakhang, Damchen Lhakhang, White Chorten, and Wangmo Hand-Woven Carpet Factory.

Wangdue Phodrang (Wangdi Phodr'a)


Wangdue Phodrang is another beautiful and peaceful town to visit in Bhutan. It includes many of Bhutan tourist favourite places. This location is in Central Bhutan and is a border town near Punakha. Wangdue Phodrang is well-known for its bamboo items, slate sculptures, and stone carvings. Another notable site is the Wangdue Phodrang dzong. Which is only available to tourists during the fall Wangdue Phodrang Tshechu ceremony. Wangdue Phodrang, near the junction of Punakha Chhu and Tang Chhu, provides lush pastureland for cattle as well as beautiful scenery. Radak Neykhang, Archery Ground, Vegetable Market, Army Training Centre, Dzong Gate, and Eight Chortens are popular tourist attractions here.

National Park of Jigme Dorji


Jigme Dorji National Park in Bhutan is one of the best wildlife vacation locations in Asia. This park is the second biggest national park in Bhutan. Encompassing the districts of Gasa, Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, and Wangdue Phodrang. Why Jigme Dorji National Park is notable is because it offers the finest of both worlds, including wildlife and cultural monuments. It secures its position in the list of must visit places in Bhutan.  In actuality, the park is home to around 6,500 people who work in agricultural and animal husbandry; it has been designated as a UNESCO tentative site. However, the aforementioned national park is home to a diverse range of flora and animals.

There are 37 recognised mammal species here. Including endangered species such as the clouded leopard, snow leopard, takin, Bengal tiger, Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, black musk deer, red panda, and Ussuri dhole. Nonetheless, this national park is home to sambar, serow, barking deer, marmot, goral, pika, and over 300 bird species. Jigme Dorji National Park is the only park in the world where the national mammal Takin, the national flower Blue Poppy, the national bird Raven, and the national tree Cypress coexist. These characteristics combine to make the park one of the top locations to visit in Bhutan.

Chomolhari/Jomolhari Mountain


Chomolhari or Jomolhari Mountain, located around 50 km from Paro Airport and 2,700 metres above sea level, is one of the most magnificent sites to visit in Bhutan. Because to its closeness to Kanchenjunga, the peak is commonly referred to as ‘the bride of Kanchenjunga’. Tibetan Buddhists consider Jomolhari a sacred site and believe it to be the home of Goddess Jomo, the guardian of Tibet and Bhutan.

Every year from March to June, the stunning vistas of this Himalayan Mountain draw hordes of trekkers and adrenaline seekers from all over the world. You will visit Jomolhari Temple, which is high at 4,150 metres. While hiking through the spectacular natural paths at the Jomolhari foothills. It is a popular pilgrimage destination. A site named Tseringma Lhatso lies within an hour’s walk of the temple. The pilgrims describe to it as the’spirit lake’ of Tsheringma.



Phuentsholing, often spelt Phuntsholing, is the gateway to Bhutan for Indian visitors arriving by road. It is bordered by Jaigaon, an Indian town, and the Kingdom of Bhutan. Phuentsholing, the country’s second biggest town, is also regarded as the key business centre for Indians and Bhutanese. It, like all tourist destinations in Bhutan, provides guests with a nice, clean, and safe atmosphere.

However, unlike other sites in Bhutan that require a permit to visit, Phuentsholing is the only place where Indians do not require a travel permit. There is no Dzong here, yet the various tourist attractions make Phuentsholing one of the most lovely sites in Bhutan. Amo Chuu, Bhutan Gate, Karbandi Monastery, and Zangthopelri Lhakhang are some of the most famous tourist sites.



The phrase Bumthang means ‘beautiful fields’ in Bhutanese, and it certainly means what it says. Bumthang is a destination where you may spend days in nature, breathing pure mountain air and visiting amazing attractions. Bumthang, named after Jambay Lhakhang, is known as the spiritual heart of the country. Many historic monasteries and Buddhist temples surround the region, drawing a considerable number of history aficionados and spiritual searchers.

Bumthang is made up of four beautiful valleys: Ura, Chumey, Tang, and Choekhor. Glaciers line the valleys, which have been turned into verdant cascading rice, potato, and buckwheat fields. Bumthang is commonly referred to as the ‘Switzerland of the East,’ due to its Switzerland-like vistas of spacious valleys, snow-clad mountains with streams cascading down, and the relaxed pace of life of its residents. If you visit Bumthang, don’t miss out on Kurjey and Tamshing Lhakhang, two of the key attractions. It is one of the most beautiful places to see in Bhutan.

This is our list of best Bhutan travel places which also covers top 10 places to visit in Bhutan in detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bhutan is well-known for its brilliant, colorful celebrations. Bhutan’s tsechu celebrations are historic representations of its Buddhist culture. Guru Rimpoche, the saint who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan in the early eighth century, devoted the majority of these celebrations.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Bhutan:

  1. Thimphu
  2. Paro
  3. Punakha
  4. Trongsa
  5. Jakar
  6. Phobjikha
  7. Wangdue Phodrang
  8. Jigme Dorji National Park
  9. Mount Chomolhari
  10. Phuentsholing
  11. Bumthang

Best places to see in Bhutan includes: Jigme Dorji National Park, Mount Chomolhari, Phuentsholing, Bumthang.

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