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Beaches in Pattaya


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Pattaya is a popular coastal resort near Bangkok. As with many seaside destinations, there are several beaches to select from. However, don’t anticipate too much. The next essay will expose you to six beaches, ranging from gorgeous to slightly less delightful.

Pattaya Beach and its surrounding areas are highly filthy. Tourist boats come and go, leaving their trash behind. During my journey to Pattaya Beach, I visited all of the beaches to see for myself whether the conditions were as horrible as people claimed. And, guess what? To my amazement, I discovered some excellent, clean, and nice beaches that are worth a visit!

Pratumnak Beach


Pratumnak Beach is my favorite spot in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. The beach is clean, with comfy and restful beach beds.

Pratumnak is located further along Jomtien Beach, yet because the beach is distant from the main road, the large crowds stay away. There are only a few tourists and locals, creating a tranquil labyrinth of relaxation. For just 50 baht, you may spend the entire day on a comfy beach bed. Every beach stall serves wonderful victuals, so don’t miss out on lunch with a view! Surf Kitchen, a nearby eatery, certainly orchestrates a delicious Thai lunch that is not to be missed.

Pratumnak Beach is an enigmatic part of Pattaya Beach, Thailand, still waiting to be discovered by tourists, so don’t tell anybody! Embark on this kaleidoscopic journey to a beach that intertwines tranquility with a captivating tapestry of experiences.

Hotel recommendation:

Avalon Beach Resort Pattaya, located beside the beach and near several excellent restaurants.

How to Get There:


The beach is located at the end of Phratam Nak 5 Street; however, it is also accessible via Jomtien Beach. At the beginning of Jomtien, turn right onto the beach. After a ten-minute stroll, you’ll cross the Pattaya Park waterpark and arrive to Pratumnak Beach.

Koh Larn


If you want to visit the best beach in Pattaya, you will need to take a ferry. Koh Larn, or Coral Island, is located just off the coast of Pattaya. The island is home to five magnificent white sandy beaches. Tawaen Beach, considered the best beach in Pattaya by many, is only a 40-minute ferry journey away. One disadvantage is that this is the most crowded beach on the island.

I recommend hiring a motorcycle upon arrival for about 300 baht. You can rapidly discover the island, and within twenty minutes you’ll be on the other half of the island, at Samae Beach.

And, if you’re exploring the island, make a stop at one of the many viewpoints to take in the amazing vistas.

Hotel suggestion:

Xanadu Beach Resort, located near Samae Beach, offers stunning views.

How to Get There:

The Pattaya Pier is located at the end of Walking Street and serves as the departure point for two ferries to Koh Larn for only 30 baht. I recommend taking the ferry to Tawaen Beach because it will transport you directly to the beach. The other ferry travels to Nabaan Pier on the island, which is a good walk to the first beach. The ferry to Tawean Beach departs everyday at 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 1:00 PM, returning to Pattaya at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 PM.

Jomtien Beach


Despite its location outside the city center, Jomtien Beach Paradise Pattaya is Pattaya’s most popular beach.

The beach and ocean at Jomtien Beach Paradise Pattaya are reasonably clean, but the water is always a little murky. Jomtien includes a boardwalk with many hotels and restaurants. A beach bed on Jomtien Beach Paradise Pattaya will cost you 50 baht. If you want a little more adrenaline, consider parasailing or riding a jet ski.

Hotel suggestion:
The Three Elephants – Beautiful homes set in a tranquil, green garden, just a 5-minute walk from the beach.

How to Get There:
The sandy beach stretches for several kilometers and is easily accessible by taxi. It’s a fifteen-minute drive that costs about 150 baht.

Cosy Beach


Cosy Beach is just what the name suggests!

This beach is tucked behind a couple of fancy hotels, including the Cozy Beach Hotel in Pattaya, and is somewhat difficult to reach, yet this just adds to its attractiveness and warmth.

It’s a modest, charming beach with just a few beach kiosks. Sky Gallery is a terrific place to spend a nice meal while admiring the breathtaking view. Because Cosy is so well-hidden, the beach is frequently deserted, providing a wonderful opportunity to escape the rush and bustle of Pattaya. If you’re staying at the Cozy Beach Hotel in Pattaya, this beach is a must-visit!

Hotel recommendation:
Royal Cliff Grand Hotel is a luxurious resort with several enormous swimming pools facing the ocean.

How to Get There:
There is only one flight of stairs to Cosy Beach, which is well hidden behind the fence next to the entrance of the restaurant ‘The Chocolate Factory’ (on the corner of Rajchawaroon Street). It takes around 60 stairs down (and back up), which is not recommended if you have difficulties walking. The fence is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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Pattaya Beach


Pattaya Beach is the easiest to reach. But I would not swim there if I were you!

The beach is located on Pattaya Bay, which is filled with boats of various kinds and forms. Unfortunately, these vessels leave a large amount of trash behind in various shapes and sizes. The bay’s unusual form means that waste has nowhere to go, resulting in a nasty beach.

A plastic bag is very likely to stick to your feet when you sprint into the water.

The municipality has started on the very substantial task of repairing the beaches. During my visit, a large section of the beach was closed off for redevelopment. Littering is carefully enforced, and dedicated smoking sites have been constructed.

Hotel suggestion:
Siam@Siam Design Hotel – A trendy hotel with opulent accommodations. The largest asset is the rooftop pool, which provides a 360-degree view.

How to Get There:
You can’t miss Pattaya Beach. It is situated at the end of Walking Street and runs parallel to the city center and its huge shopping centers.

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Wong Amat Beach


Wong Amat Beach Pattaya is located closer to the north of Pattaya. Do not bother visiting Wong Amat Beach Pattaya because it is terribly dirty and difficult to access.

This beach is home to several huge expensive hotels, which have claimed it as their private beach. As a result, there is just one beach stall available for ‘outsiders’. A beach bed will cost 100 baht.

Eating on the beach is not permitted, therefore if you want to eat lunch, you must attend the substantially more expensive restaurants of the adjacent hotels.

Thai Garden Resort is the nicest hotel in Pattaya! Beautiful and peacefully situated between Pattaya Beach and Wong Amat Beach, with the largest swimming pool in Pattaya.

How to Get There
A 120-baht cab journey will get you there in 15 minutes from the city center.

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How to get to Pattaya


Pattaya is 120 kilometers southeast of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

The most convenient method to get to Pattaya is to take one of the many taxis waiting outside the airport. A trip to Pattaya takes about 1.5 hours and costs 1,500 baht.

You can also take a bus from the airport, which costs approximately 120 baht. The bus travel takes about two hours. Buses depart from Bangkok’s center from the Morchit and Ekkamai bus terminals for approximately 150 baht.

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In Pattaya, it is advisable to use a (shared) cab or a motorcycle taxi. You may rent a motorcycle at any street corner, but we don’t encourage it because Pattaya’s main streets can be quite congested and hectic.

To ensure your safety, use a songthaew (shared cab) or a (private) taxi. You can hail songthaews on the side of the road; rides cost between 10 and 20 baht per person. For longer trips, we recommend renting a private taxi. A ride in a private cab ranges between 100 and 200 baht, depending on the distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pattaya Beach is located in Pattaya, Thailand, on the Gulf of Thailand. It is approximately 160 kilometers (99 miles) south of Bangkok and is part of the Bang Lamung District in Chonburi Province.

There are several beaches in Pattaya, but the exact number is not specified in the provided sources. However, here are some of the notable beaches mentioned:

  • Pattaya Beach: A 2.7 km long beach that runs parallel to the city centre and is known for its vibrant atmosphere and various activities.
  • Jomtien Beach: A 6 km long beach that is quieter than Pattaya Beach and offers water sports like parasailing and kitesurfing.
  • Wong Amat Beach: A popular beach known for its clean surroundings and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Bang Saen Beach: A beach located near Bangkok and Chonburi, known for its palm trees and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Koh Larn Beach: Also known as Coral Island, it is a 15-minute speedboat ride from Pattaya and offers snorkeling and boat trips.
  • Dongtan Beach: Commonly known as the Pattaya Gay Beach, it offers water activities like jet-skiing and parasailing.
  • Bamboo Beach: A lesser-known beach that is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by lush mountains and offering a cafe and restaurant.
  • Naklua Beach: A beach away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, known for its tranquility.
  • Tien Beach: Known for its tropical island fantasies and surrounded by lush mountains.
  • Surrounded With Lush Mountains: Not a specific beach, but a description of the landscape surrounding some of the beaches.
  • Cosy Beach: A small, secluded beach between Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach, known for its quiet atmosphere.
  • Bang Saray Beach: Known for its contemplative atmosphere and peaceful surroundings.
  • Samae Beach: A beach for those looking for a slice of beach life.

Pattaya Beach is approximately 120 kilometers away from Bangkok, which is about a two-hour drive depending on traffic conditions.

The best beach in Pattaya is subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, based on various sources and reviews, here are some of the most popular and highly-rated beaches in Pattaya:

  • Jomtien Beach: Known for its quieter atmosphere, scenic views, and water sports like parasailing, kitesurfing, and jet skiing.
  • Pattaya Beach: Offers a mix of relaxation and adventure with various water sports, restaurants, and shops along its three to four kilometer stretch.
  • Wong Amat Beach: A family-friendly beach with a more tranquil atmosphere, suitable for sunbathing, picnics, and international dining options.
  • Samae Beach: A popular beach known for its lively atmosphere, water sports, and a variety of dining options.
  • Dongtan Beach: A gay-friendly beach with a more relaxed atmosphere, offering water sports and a range of dining options.

Ultimately, the best beach in Pattaya depends on your preferences for relaxation, adventure, or a mix of both.

To get to Jomtien Beach from Pattaya, there are several options:

  • Taxi: The fastest and most expensive option, which takes approximately 8 minutes and costs around €2-€3. You can catch a taxi from Pattaya to Jomtien Beach with Grab Taxi, Cherry Taxi Service, or P.T. Taxi Service.
  • Songthaew (Baht Bus): A more affordable and local option. You can catch a songthaew from the intersection of Second Road and South Pattaya Road. The ride takes around 10-15 minutes and costs 10 Baht. You can get off anywhere along the route by ringing the bell.
  • Walking: Another option is to walk from Pattaya to Jomtien Beach, which takes around 1 hour and 27 minutes.
  • Public Transport: You can also take a taxi or local transport from Pattaya Railway Station, which is approximately 8 km away from Jomtien Beach.
  • Private Car or Bus: Renting a car or taking a bus from various locations in Thailand is another option. The trip typically involves a ride along Sukhumvit Road, turning onto either Thepprasit Road or South Pattaya Road to reach Jomtien.

These options provide various choices for travelers depending on their budget, time constraints, and preferences.

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